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SIEDC Cabinet Member and Blog Chair, Dr. Bill Bongiorno invites you to join the conversation:

September 10, 2009

Given both the praise and criticism of President Obama’s health care plan…this is certainly an important and timely issue.  We’d like to hear your views:

What changes would you like our government to make in health care so that it becomes more affordable and accessible?

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  1. drbongiorno permalink
    September 14, 2009 10:36 am

    Hi everyone,

    As the moderator of this SIEDC blog site, I would like to welcome everyone and hopefully entice the many educated, well rounded people we have in the SIEDC community to openly add to and debate the many subjects we will be presenting.

    The first topic we have chosen, is an extremely important and pertinent subject. Any changes made to the health care system will have an effect on almost everyone that lives in this country. I encourage you to participate and speak freely in a polite and respectful way. We have everything to gain by listening to people’s views and building on each other’s knowledge and wisdom.


    Bill Bongiorno

  2. ansbusiness permalink
    September 17, 2009 8:57 am

    A friend of mine, ultra-conservative, watching the President’s health care speech was outraged at the audience. Put congress in the health insurance pool and watch things get corrected. Same is true for social security.

    What a lousy bunch of self-serving demagogues.

    Nates Fate

  3. drbongiorno permalink
    September 22, 2009 11:27 am


    Let’s take out of this discussion all politics and lets talk facts. If a Government Health Care option is created to compete with Private Insurance, I believe we can all agree that down the road we will pretty much have a single payer system…AKA Socialized Medicine. If this is what this country needs and wants, then lets call it what it is and vote on it. A monkey in a tuxedo is still a monkey!!! So we can come up with all sorts of cute names for Government health care but it will still be socialized medicine.

    The argument given by this administration for the need for change is twofold:
    1) Over 46 million people? are with out healthcare
    2) The cost of healthcare is rising much faster then incomes.

    Let’s start with the 46 million? people uninsured in this country. President Obama in at least 10 speeches over the past month has quoted 46 million people are without healthcare insurance in this country, then miraculously Sunday morning in every speech it became 30 million people. Why the difference…..The Democrats just recently changed the Health bills not to cover the 16 million illegal immigrants in this country.

    Out of the 30 million legal citizens without health care 4.5 million are students who are too old to still be covered under their family plan. The Insurance companies have already agreed to change this rule to keep full time students covered.

    So now we are down to 25.5 million legal citizens not covered.

    There are an estimated 10 million young single adults who make between 20k to 60k a year that feel it is not worth the money to pay for insurance. We should expand Medicaid on a sliding scale premium to insure these citizens. With the premium going up as the income goes up.

    So now we are at 15.5 million legal citizens not covered.

    There is an estimated 12 million people with pre existing conditions that can not get insurance. The Insurance companies have already agreed to cover them going forward.

    Now we are down to 3.5 million legal citizens uninsured. Not sure where they belong!!! LOL

    As far as cost.

    There should be a standard fee schedule in line with Medicare fees for reimbursing Doctors. You will need to lower the Doctors and hospitals inherent costs in order for them to still make a living.

    1) All claims and payments should be done electronically with a 45 day window for Insurance companies to pay bills. This should have penalties and interest attached if they do not adhere. Dr use up 14% of their overhead on billing and collection.

    2) Tort reform…. Way to many frivolous suits creates higher malpractice and defensive medicine.

    3) Allow Insurance companies to compete across state lines. Increase the competition and the prices will come down

    4) Increase fees for wellness programs, Nutrition, etc.

    Now how come I can come up with a solution without bringing in a wrecking ball?

    Comments are welcome!!!!!!

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